Meet the Team

Luke - Founder and Lead Developer

Hi everyone, my name's Luke and I'm head of development here at Silk. I got started in crypto/NFTs this past November, and I've been writing Silk since it's inception back in late 2021. I'm super excited to show all we have to offer, and love developing new things to better suit our community. My DMs are always open, so be sure to come with questions and suggestions!

Beef - Founder

Hey guys! My name is Beef and I'm co-founder of Silk. I'm a longtime crypto degen and very active NFT trader online. In my spare time I'm a licensed attorney and startup advisor. I have been working in the bot and automation scene for 6 years now primarily in sneakers but became super focused on automation in the NFT space last year. We decided it would be profitable and helpful to bring some of our knowledge from other areas into NFT's and build an AIO tool suite that would help new traders and experienced ones alike. The resulting product was Silk and the rest is history. Tens of thousands of successful transactions and we want to bring traders to the next level.
On a personal note I'll be running Silk alongside everyone here and degenning with the best of them. I love trading and Silk is how I mint 99.9% of the projects I get involved with.

Roob - Founder

Strategic entrepreneur with work experience ranging from automation to 3-star Michelin dining and an award winning winery to successful startups in real estate and CPG. Bred on the playgrounds of a state college and fire hardened with graduate work in the Ivy League. Firm believer in the hospitality ethos and bringing service to every business and user interaction.